Lincluden Investment Management has applied a value-based approach to managing assets for institutional and individual investors since 1982.

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balanced fund

For long-term investors who seek a rate of return that exceeds the inflation rate and want to limit downside risk in declining market environments.

environmental, social &

governance (esg)

coronavirus (COVID-19)

economic commentary

Inflation remains the key driver impacting global financial markets. It was expected that inflation had peaked and would show signs of receding throughout the balance of the year. The U.S. inflation rate did decline from 8.5% in March to 8.3% in April, however, the market was surprised when the inflation rate moved higher in May to 8.6%, the highest level since 1981. In addition to wanting to see evidence that inflation is receding, the Fed would also like to see expectations for future levels of inflation start...

Lincluden works with capital accumulation through prudent investing value driven client focused spotlight